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Upscale Mexican Cuisine and Fine Tequilas on Historic Federal Hill, Providence, Rhode Island

351 Atwells Avenue

Providence, RI

Taking over the pasta territory with tortillas, Don José Tequilas Restaurant, established on April 1st, 2000, was the first ever Mexican restaurant in Federal Hill.


Chef Maria Hernandez & Chef Raquel Diaz designed and assembled the menu, combining their family recipes to create amazing dishes that are far from the usual fare.


Chef Raquel Diaz is responsible for bringing to Providence, La Cochinita Pibil: Yucatan-style steam roast pork, slowly cooked in plantain leaves has become a must-have delicacy when you visit Don Jose Tequilas.


Our restaurant is the home of the original Molcajete Azteca, an authentic Mexican entrée created by our top class chef Maria Hernandez who brought her family recipes from Veracruz (Mexico) to Federal Hill. This dish, which is now our signature dish served on a fiery volcanic plate, has been satisfying Mexican taste buds since our establishment started.


Join us at our very own Tequila Bar, one of two fully stocked bars to serve the best drinks and tequilas on Federal Hill.

History of the Menu

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History of Tequilas

During the Pre-Hispanic Era, the Tequila tribe from Amatitlán learned its essential process. This process consisted of boiling and fermenting the agave plant in order to obtain a ritualistic beverage only consumed by religious authorities.


The history that founded the origins of tequila as a product began in 1758. In that year, José Cuervo, a Spanish entrepreneur, was given full cultivating rights on the vast territorial extensions of Villoslada, Jalisco.

Tequila Flight

Tequila Silver

Silver or blanco tequila is not aged, except for a resting period

after distillation of up to 60 days before bottling.


Tequila Reposado

(Rested) tequila is aged in wood barrels from 2 to 12 months.

The wood will impart a caramel color.


Tequila Añejo

(Aged) tequila is aged in wood barrels for between one and six years.

Used Bourbon barrels made from American oak is the wood of choice.

Black Bean Soup guacamole appetizer Authentic Mexican Molcajete Azteca Fine Tequilas


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